I feel like people forget things, as they grow up. And mostly, they’ll forget things that used to make them happy. So this for me will be, a place where I’ll write everything that has, or that is making me happy. I feel like it’s really important to not forget the little things in life, all the things that make this life worth living for. 

So that’s nothing about the future, a job, your school or anything your ‘supposed’ to do. But I just want to focus on things you did, you’d like, and you probably still like. 

And than, when I feel a bit down, I’d be able to come here, read everything that has ever made me feel happy, and just pick something I’d like to go and do.

The oscillation of the mind

I, as many other people, think way too much. about everything. And I like it, but sometimes I get so caught up by it, that It actually makes me feel lost, and empty. Many times because I just don’t talk about it enough, And my mind gets full of all these thoughts about small things, but also about bigger things.. Just everything.. For example why a tree groes the way it does, and why we aren’t really living like we should be. Why we can’t just live in the moment, and enjoy.

Here, I’d just like to create a place for me, where I can put all my thoughts, about everything. good or bad, big or small. just so my mind will get a bit more clear to myself, and for people around me aswell. So this way I’ll get a good view of everything that’s on my mind. And I can easily update, or read it whenever and wherever I want.